výběr zaměstnanců


Qualified and motivated employees in relevant positions represent one of the most important prerequisites for successful operations in a company.



Benefits for company management and HR management

  • You approach a highly qualified team of consultants and psychologists using the latest procedures in employee selection process.
  • You reduce costs and time in connection with the entire process. You cut back on administration.
  • For your consideration, we only present motivated candidates whose professional and personal profile matches the job requirements.
  • You can make use of our comprehensive and updated database of candidates and our contacts in global as well local companies.
  • Make use of the know-how we acquired during our operations in the field of recruitment for middle, senior and top management, of our knowledge of the job market: salaries, turnovers, media effectiveness, the discrepancy between supply and demand of the workforce in different sectors and availability of e-recruitment in the selection process.



Employee Search Strategies

  • Database access: we use a sophisticated database system that is kept up-to-date.
  • Advertisement selection: we propose and prepare a means of advertisement and recommend the most suitable media for its implementation. We use the latest methods and social media for advertisement.
  • A choice from our longstanding contacts: used for top management positions or positions for a limited target group.



Selection Methods: What is the basis for finding the right candidate?


We conduct structured and professionally-led interviews focused on required competences, accompanied with questions from the line of business and closely related to the position.

The methods we use include structured observation, behaviourally conducted job interview, projective questioning methods revealing personal qualities and hard & soft skills.




  • The report on selected candidates that summarizes information about their experience, reasons for change, motivation, pay expectations and availability dates. As requested we add references and career and psychological profiles.
  • The option of presenting the most suitable candidates to the client in presence of a consultant responsible for the selection process, which ensures effective communication among all participants in the selection process.