360° Feedback



This method of evaluationprovides a relatively objective view of the work performance of an employee, particularly a manager. Its advantage is that it delivers a wide range of opinions from many different perspectives. Included are opinions on a particular job performance, conduct and attitudes of a manager.



360 zpětná vazba



What makes 360° Feedback important?

  • It is based on real work conditions and real social and professional environments.
  • It provides an overview of an individual’s work style.
  • It offers invaluable feedback at various levels of work.


Where to use it?

  • If you want to provide your managers with possibilities for growth.
  • If you want to provide your subordinates and colleages with open feedback.
  • If you want to map out your managers’ work and how colleagues perceive them.


Points of view within 360° Feedback

  • Managers assess themselves.
  • Managers are assessed by their direct superiors.
  • Managers are assessed by their peers.
  • Managers are assessed by their direct subordinates.
  • Managers might be assessed by external clients, partners or others.


What are the outputs?

The ouputs are filed in a report to the candidate and, if requested, to the supervisor and HR department.

Personal individual feedback is also provided.

Based on the outcome we devise a „Plan of Action“ for the next period, ideally for 9 to 12 months.

A Plan of Action is given to the supervisor and to the HR department as a basis for discussions with the supervisor and the department for development.