Executive Search


executive search


Why and when to use Executive Search (head hunting)?

  • If you fail to find a suitable manager or specialist, it is good to use direct approach or Executive Search.
  • If you are interested in competent and successful candidates who are experienced in the line of business or market segment or with considerable experience in their field.
  • If you want to contact a particular individual you somehow are unable to independently.


Benefits for company management, for HR management

  • Executive Search allows you to thoroughly analyze the job market in a given field and map out conditions. This information can be used for devising HR policies.
  • Executive Search requires a totally individual approach to the client as well as to potential candidates.
  • Executive Search entails candidate motivation and recognizing candidates with great potential
  • We use time-proven methods for acquiring high-quality candidates who excel in their line of business
  • Professionalism – we guarantee the confidentiality of bilateral negotiations. Executive Search is always performed by one of our consultants (at ACE Consulting), which guarantees a professional level during the entire process.



  • Candidate Long List: all possible candidates chosen for the position.
  • Candidate Short List: candidates who meet the given criteria and are motivated to change.
  • Data about the chosen candidates that summarizes job experience, motivation to change, expectations and possibility for candidate replacement.
  • Personal presentation of the most suitable candidates in the form of an informal meeting held in a neutral environment.
  • The consultant is in personal contact with the candidate until the conclusion of the meeting.