Employee Satisfaction Surveys


The survey monitors the degree of employee satisfaction and motivation. It shows overlaps in perception between each stage of management.


Průzkumy spokojenosti zaměstnanců



Why administer an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

  • It shows how the company strategy is enforced. It shows the company objectives and how the company policy is perceived.
  • It gives clear findings of the workplace (perceived goals, quality of relations, work atmosphere, satisfaction, employee recognition and rewards).
  • It provides data as a basis for finding what motivates staff and to what degree their expectations are met.
  • We have considerable experience with surveys. We offer you the possibility to compare your results with other comparable companies (benchmarking).



The methods we use

  • Questionnaires are tailored to specific requirements and conditions of the company. They are created and designed to customer requirements. They focus on real issues.
  • We use international know-how. Globally-used questionnaires provide a comparison between satisfaction and effectiveness.
  • Questionnaires focus on motivation and the use of motivational factors.
  • The questionnaires may be completed online or by hand (pencil & paper).



What are the outputs?


The output and outcome of the whole project is a report with graph results of a variety of perspectives and benchmarking.

Final recommendations that are based not only on data, but also on our experience of working here in the Czech Republic and abroad are of great importance.

Results are presented to company management as well as executive heads. We hold workshops on improving results and implementing them into plans of action.