Development Center



The Development Center is an objective tool that provides professional insight into employee potential and enables, in accordance with employer expectations, the ability to work with the individual capability of each employee. It is, at the same time, a development and training activity and a tool for specific content of educational plans.



development centrum




When to make use of the Development Center?

  • If you want to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.
  • If you want to know the potential for further effective development and the effective use of available resources.
  • If you want to strengthen motivation in individuals who take part in their own development.
  • For self-promotion, feedback and self-reflection.


DC is a tool for generating effective professional development, effective development plans and for increasing motivation.

It serves as a basis for communication, in terms of overall development, between the HR department, the manager and participants.

It gives employees an opportunity for development.

It is a tool for benchmarking and other training activities.


What is DC responsible for?

  • Model situations that are specially tailored, mapping out various work situations.
  • Model situations that are focused on further development, i.e. those that are not included under job responsibilities.
  • Group situations to promote teamwork
  • Psycho-professional tests
  • Outdoors – outdoors component of DC



What are the results and outputs from the Development Center?

  • Individual employee development plans that are effective, motivational, but also realistic
  • Individual feedback from an experienced psychologist
  • Potential overview of HR for company management and HR management