When to employ coaching and have your own coach?

Coaching is a higher stage in developing, in particular, „soft“ and management skills. It is suitable for employees who are deeply motived, who need to rely on their knowledge and skills to find their own effective approach and attitude.

It is also suitable for those who start another phase in their professional career.






Coaching helps you:

  • Perform better
  • Be more successful
  • Change your approach in handling work situations
  • Stimulate reflection and ability to think deeper


How does coaching work?

  1. A meeting with several coaches: you pick the one who suits you „best“.
  2. Establishing clear objectives for change, confirmed by the participant and the supervisor.
  3. Five to ten sessions with the coach
  4. Evaluation of the results.



Coaching as a development strategy


What is your objective set for the period ahead?

It stimulates new ways of thinking about oneself and other career plans.


What are your strengths? What is the reality?

It stimulates self-reflexion and can help you look at ways to further your development.


What are the options in this situation?

Led by your coach, you will find a new perspective in your career path; you will make adjustments to your attitude and improve your job performance. You will be encouraged to be innovative.


What do you really want to make happen as a result of this?

First moves are absolutely essential to real progress.


Coaching: What not to expect

  • Coaching is not a therapy.
  • Coaching is not a discussion about everything and nothing.
  • Coaching is not absolute.
  • Coaching is not effective if required.




Our coaches are internationally accredited.