Assessment Center


assessment centra


The Assessment Center is one of the most objective HR methods used in the selection process. It is a set of psychosocial and professional techniques employed in candidate assessment.

This method is based on observing group and individual work. Several assessment experts perform the observation.


When is it suitable to use the Assessment Center?

If you want to effectively choose the most suitable candidates for a position.

If you need to find a candidate for a demanding position and you want to find out a candidate’s potential.

If you want to see the potential for further shifts and changes inside the company.

If you want to ensure objective assessment and impartial comparison of requirements.


What are the benefits of theAssessment Center?

It reduces assessment errors to the minimum and eliminates interference with subjective feelings.

It reveals the candidates in interaction.

It eliminates serial position effect that may occur at selection interviews.

It helps to estimate the degree of adjustment to the company policy.

It reveals stress resistance and sense of team play.



The program is always adjusted to the requirements of the position and is based on client capabilities. It lasts 1 to 3 days.

Assessment Center usually includes:

  • Model situations that are similar to work situations
  • Situations aimed at sale and management skills
  • Psychological tests
  • Case studies
  • Team activities
  • Interviews


What are the results and outputs?

  • Assessment of participants with regard to given competences (management skills, presentation skills, ability to persuade, etc.)
  • Recommendation of the most suitable candidate for the position
  • Feedback given to Assessment Center participants