Professional-psychological Assessment

Individual assessment, individual development



Application of psychological assessment methods fine-tunes the choice of suitable candidates, points to their optimal development.

Application of psychological tests significantly reduces the risk of error and the costs incurred in erroneous decision process.



Profesně-psychologické posouzení




When to use professional-psychological diagnostic tests

  • At the selection process to make conclusions about personal and professional focus more objective.
  • If you want to encourage ambiguous or even not fully developed potential that can be used or enhanced.
  • If you don’t want to omit potential risks in personal characteristics that can be masked with an adopted behaviour.
  • If a personality issue arises and the optimal solution for solving it needs to be suggested.



What methods do we use?


Tests to determine personality qualities.

Extraversion, introversion, stress resistance, openness for new things, curiosity, willingness, responsibility, relation to others.


Tests to determine characteristics relating to work.

Creativity, ability to carry out routine tasks, effectiveness, analytical work, flexibility.


Tests to determine motivational structure.

Factors increasing motivation – independence, challenges, ability to influence, demotivating factors and overall level of motivation.


Tests to determine Performance and Attention.

Verbal and mathematical competences, analytical skills, speed and accuracy in performance, ability to think sensibly, conceptual thinking.


Tests to determine management skills and management potential.



What is the output?

The output represents a detailed report accompanied by

  • Charts
  • Recommendations for working with new employees
  • Suggestions for further development



The candidate is provided with personal feedback focused on further development and motivation for development.